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Finger Lakes Fitness Center

Your Gateway to Fitness Downtown

(with Membership)
Front Desk Hours:

Monday & Wednesday 9am-5pm
Tuesday & Thursday    9am-5pm
Friday                           9am-3pm
Saturday                       9am-12pm

If front desk hours do not accommodate your schedule, please email at to schedule an appointment.



24-Hour Access with Membership


Front Desk Hours:

                        Monday & Wednesday   9am-5pm

                        Tuesday & Thursday      9am-5pm

                        Friday                             9am-3pm   

                        Saturday                        9am-12pm

About the Gym

      Finger Lakes Fitness Center, started January 2004 as a place to serve downtown employees and residents, has been changing the image of fitness facilities for the past 15 years. FLFC, under the leadership of its owner- Dan Stehm, has grown to become as diverse as Ithaca is itself – rich in cultures as well as capabilities. In fact, diversity, along with inclusivity, and accessibility are the top priorities for this 24-hour access fitness center.


   FLFC’s owner – Dan Stehm believes fitness is for everyone. It is with that in mind that he diligently works with insurance companies, businesses, and various programs to help make it more accessible. Dan has over 30 years of experience, both teaching and training in the fitness industry, in addition to completing a degree in Physical Education at SUNY Cortland, and attaining a certification as a National Strength and Conditioning Specialist. That experience has allowed Dan to successfully cultivate Finger Lakes Fitness Center to be an unintimidating environment while providing members with exceptional trainers, instructors, and staff.

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            24-Hour Access with Membership


Front Desk Hours:

                      Monday & Wednesday   9am-5pm

                      Tuesday & Thursday      9am-5pm

                      Friday                             9am-3pm   

                      Saturday                        9am-12pm

**Temporarily, hours may change.
Please call to schedule a visit.** 

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Rates and Memberships

Rates & Fees



12 Months

$535 or $45.25/Month

Man Doing Pushup



Crossfit Class

6 Months

$286 or $48.35/Month

Running Machine

1 Day


Yoga Mat

Single Month


Special Offer



Personal Training

Each personal fitness training session is 30 minutes.  *Hour long sessions are available upon request.

Contact us to learn more and book your first session!


Lifting Kettlebells

12 Sessions



Guy Working Out

3 Sessions



Lifting Kettlebells

6 Sessions



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